Happy 2014! Reflect. Project. GO!

Happy 2014. I love the way the New Year arrives with all its promise and yet most of us (who were up ‘till all hours) roll out of bed feeling like we just got hit by a truck 🙂 I love the buzz, I love the hype, I love the excitement. I love the FB messages and texts from friends and loved ones filled with kind words and good wishes. Most of all I love the momentum that is created by a new year.

New years compel us to hope for better.

New years give us permission to smile, to ponder, to dream, to enter into the land of possibility.  

Last night during our New Year festivities, one of my friends made a comment about her next ten years and where she wants to be. I sat on the beach surrounded by my family and friends and allowed her words to sink into my soul. I was so inspired to think bigger, to believe for greater and to hope for all that is in my heart with a renewed confidence.

Mona Vale Beach 2012

It’s time to let loose, to face forwards. We have permission to dream people… to plan, to hope, to believe.

How will our dreams influence our choices, decisions, disciplines and relationships in 2014?

Reflect, Project, GO!!!

2014 can be your best year yet.

Stay inspired


Ps – If you didn’t catch my last blog about achieving all your dreams for 2014, here’s the link: http://inspired2grow.com/new-years-resolutions-mean-nothing/

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