2017 Expectation, 2016 Reflection

2017 Expectation, 2016 Reflection 

I have a great sense of expectation for 2017. The themes that come to mind are change, ploughing and sowing seed in new fields for the years to come AND reaping significant harvests from dormant fields planted over the last 10 years, patiently awaiting the harvest conditions of 2017.

2017 Harvest © shutterstock

2017 Harvest
© shutterstock

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The View from The Flu

Flu View

© Flu View

The Flu finally caught up with me. I’ve managed to escape many years of ‘winter flu season’ completely unscathed but this year a scratchy throat decided to set up residence and has outstayed its unwelcome. The last few days I’ve ordered the Entrée of ‘Lemon, Honey and Cider Vinegar Tea’ followed by a Main of ‘Steaming Hot Garlicky Chicken Bone Broth’ (that I personally concocted in the slow cooker). There have been lashings of essential oils, bowls of steam, nourishing shea butter moisturiser and comforting Kleenex tissues (no less than 3 ply).

I’ve put my world in lock-down.

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We Teach Our Values.


Family Opera House Edited


Happy Emoticons Please!

This recent text message from my teenage son made me smile, it arrived on a Monday and went something like this:

          ‘Mum my GFs family have invited me over to watch her brothers soccer game tonight.            Do you mind if I go or do you want me to come home for family dinner? I’m happy to            come home if you want.’

I should mention a few things:


My son D.J. is 19 years old.

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Life Skills: Leadership and Teaching Your Teens To ‘Manage Up’.

Life Leadership: Teaching Your Teens To 'Manage Up'

Life Skills: Leadership and
Teaching Your Teens To ‘Manage Up’


Here’s some thoughts from last years learning for such a time as this…

My oldest daughter goes for her Provisional License (P Plates) in 3 weeks. Last weekend I took her out for driving practice.  Teaching our teens to drive is usually the domain of my impossibly patient husband. He has been away on business of late and our ‘L Plater’ needs to clock up 120 hours of driving time before she is eligible to take her P’s test. In my quest to be a good Mother, I bundled her into the car, stuck on the L Plates and off we went.

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Life Leadership: 10 Tips For Parents Teaching Teens To Drive

10 Tips For Parents Teaching Teens To Drive.

Learner Drivers (2)Congratulations Parents!

Your beloved teenager will soon be taking charge of the family vehicle and precious lives therein. If the aforementioned reality were not confronting enough, you have been conscripted into the role of driving teacher, coach and mentor!

Let’s jump to the worst scenario right up front and consider the possibility that while learning to drive in real- time, they crash the car and they or others get hurt. Then there’s also the cost of your beloved teen destroying the car that you worked hard for and are quite possibly still paying off.

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Political Hunger Games and a Good Beginning

If how you begin matters…then there’s something the matter with this beginning.

Here we are again Australia…this pattern behaviour of ousting our Leaders – in what seems like a Hunger Games to our local and international observers – has become an embarrassing norm in our political arena. Our democratic process may include rules which allow this behaviour, but social media reveals the outrage of many Australians toward a.) the people who facilitate this political carnage and b.) the treatment of our Leaders (who are real people with families).

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Happy 2014! Reflect. Project. GO!

Happy 2014. I love the way the New Year arrives with all its promise and yet most of us (who were up ‘till all hours) roll out of bed feeling like we just got hit by a truck 🙂 I love the buzz, I love the hype, I love the excitement. I love the FB messages and texts from friends and loved ones filled with kind words and good wishes. Most of all I love the momentum that is created by a new year.

New years compel us to hope for better.

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New Year’s Resolutions Mean Nothing.

New Year’s Resolutions Mean Nothing.



You need only to have lived long enough and written enough December 31 resolution lists to discover that our collective resolve takes its annual vacation during mid-January.

Don’t get me wrong, there is infinite power in a single decision but resolutions made on December 31 are more than a single decision. Real resolutions are thousands upon thousands of tiny decisions to THINK, PLAN and DO differently.

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20 years married…a few insights on the journey

Here’s a few thoughts about navigating life and love after 20 years with my husband.

  1. Live your life with a purpose that is bigger than yourselves, your relationship and your family.
  2. You are a work in progress. Take responsibility to keep investing in yourself to become a better you. Everybody wins, especially you and the people you influence.
  3. Honour the other person in the way you treat them and speak of them. This is especially difficult when you’ve had a hard day. Time reveals a generational return on this investment.
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The White Elephant – Decisions and Risks

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During a recent client meeting, I addressed the veritable ‘white elephant in the room’ with this question:

Exactly what risks are associated with this decision?

And the echo of the awkward silence that ensued was deafening…

Many business fail to comprehensively evaluate the risks associated with their decisions.

It’s one thing to acknowledge that your business decisions require a level of risk, but it’s another thing to discuss the risks; to scrutinise and interrogate them. Unforeseen risks can have significant tangible and intangible business costs. After all, if you don’t assess the risks tethered to your decisions, how can you then create strategic risk minimisation plans?

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