Political Hunger Games and a Good Beginning

If how you begin matters…then there’s something the matter with this beginning.

Here we are again Australia…this pattern behaviour of ousting our Leaders – in what seems like a Hunger Games to our local and international observers – has become an embarrassing norm in our political arena. Our democratic process may include rules which allow this behaviour, but social media reveals the outrage of many Australians toward a.) the people who facilitate this political carnage and b.) the treatment of our Leaders (who are real people with families).

As a voter I would like to have the confidence in our System that whoever I vote for will be given the reasonable opportunity of at least one term in Office.  Today’s social media feeds are flooded with comments like ‘I can’t vote Liberal after this…but I can’t vote Labor either’.  You know something needs fixing when the voters in a democratic country are not-so-secretly (and secretly) asking themselves if copping a fine at election time is a preferred option to casting their vote.

The process of change in our nation’s Leadership over the past 24 hours has been a slap in the face to ordinary Australians, who have the right to expect more of our Leaders and our System. The System is broken.

Politicians, please realise that the way you assume Office and the way you leave Office send the Australian people strong messages about who you are.  As a Nation, I think we really want to believe in our Leaders. Leadership can be a source of great inspiration and hope to all of us… but this isn’t that! This practice of ousting a Leader to take Office cannot be considered a ‘good start’.

If how you begin matters…then there’s something the matter with this beginning.

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