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The Flu finally caught up with me. I’ve managed to escape many years of ‘winter flu season’ completely unscathed but this year a scratchy throat decided to set up residence and has outstayed its unwelcome. The last few days I’ve ordered the Entrée of ‘Lemon, Honey and Cider Vinegar Tea’ followed by a Main of ‘Steaming Hot Garlicky Chicken Bone Broth’ (that I personally concocted in the slow cooker). There have been lashings of essential oils, bowls of steam, nourishing shea butter moisturiser and comforting Kleenex tissues (no less than 3 ply).

I’ve put my world in lock-down.

I keep looking for the lesson, the take-away, the profound purpose in sitting in bed. I’ve watched a few movies, red a few books, written in my journal, spent time thinking, re-arranged the drawer next to my bed, scrolled the Facebook feed, adjusted the pillows and done it all over again. Staying in bed suddenly leaves with you with giant empty spaces that are supposed to compel your body to wellness, right?

I went to the Doctor.

The last thing I need when I’m trying to heal is an environment of sickness. I haven’t been to the GP for myself for a few years now. I must admit that as I sat in the waiting room I felt small and vulnerable. I was surrounded by sad and tired sick people. I was one of them. I forgot what it was like to feel small. My inner voice silently screamed ‘get out now!’

The days dragged on into weeks.

I tried to write something coherent but my head wouldn’t clear. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t stop coughing. I put my ‘game face’ on to do the essentials knowing ‘game face’ was better than ‘sick face’.But… I kept looking for the lesson, searching for the take-away. Waste no experience in life. If I must deal with this cloud called ‘the flu’ then I must find the silver lining. If the silver lining is nowhere to be found then how can I create my own?

I’m looking for the silver lining.

Maybe its linings…surely there’s more than one? Maybe forced rest in itself is a silver lining? Could it be that simple? As I ponder the past few weeks I realise that there are experiences in life that strip you back to basics. Basics are too often complicated by the pace of everyday life. Basics demand that we refocus on simplicity. Simple things become the silver linings across cloudy skies.

Slow is the silver lining. Silence is the silver lining. Appreciation of good health is the silver lining. Friends who bring dinner over are the silver lining. Encouraging text messages are the silver lining. Phone calls from Mum to see how I am are the silver lining. Cups of tea placed carefully on my bedside table by my daughter Mikaela (for when I wake up) are the silver lining. Silver linings fill the horizon.

The view from the flu is 3 ply tissues and silver linings.

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