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feature-what-people-say03At inspired2grow, we are in the business of growing people and growing business. We value our clients and we value their feedback. A few years ago we made the decision that the common practice of hurling feedback sheets at participants just before they headed home was not for us!

We want any feedback on our services to add value to the business and translate into improved services for our clients.We want positive feedback to be given authentically rather than a rushed ‘tick a box’ style survey at the end of a coaching session or development program.

feature-what-people-say04So…we did something a little bit risky and a little bit different. We asked our clients to pick up the phone or email inspired2grow and tell us what think about us…I mean really think about our service and its impact on their personal and professional lives…unforced, unedited feedback.

This was a different approach because we stopped handing out surveys to people like many others in our industry and risky because we had to trust people. In reality, we had no control over whether clients would take the time to contact us in  the middle of their busy lives. Worst case scenario…we could end up without any feedback.

Our clients began to do the talking and our business has been built on the strength of our service and relationships. Here is some of our clients feedback, written by them and sent to us at their initiative.

Clients are the best judges as to how our Coaching, Development Programs or Speaking Presentations made a positive difference to their everyday context, be it business, personal or both. The feedback speaks for itself:

I had a great day at the work life balance (About ME!) course.

I wanted to say the day was very inspiring to me. I remind myself daily of “me” and the need to take care of “me”.

We are only here for a short time and I want to enjoy it!

The day was well set out, and a good pace all day made it fun, it also encouraged us to share our feelings/questions without the feeling of being stupid. 

Sometimes we forget about ourselves, I reminded one of my girls this morning, its ok to say no, its the way the no is delivered that makes the difference. 

The feedback from the participants has been great, we all had a fantastic day with inspired2grow. 

Take care and I will certainly be promoting your course to others in the business.

Joanne W, Westpac Brisbane.

I have had the pleasure of Kris Thornton Coaching me over the past five have-your-saymonths during some challenging personal and professional circumstances.

Kris has always been professional in her approach, her integrity unquestionable, always made structured time for me and provided me with lots to think about and consider between Coaching sessions and in fact has contributed to my current and future world.  Kris has strong intuition and listens well, always picking up on issues that require further probing, thinking and action as a result.

Kris’s understanding and practice of NLP is strong and I would personally recommend her to anyone who requires Personal/Professional Coaching and anyone in our organisation or when requested who is looking for a Results focused Coach and someone with well developed interpersonal/communication, relationship and good people skills.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Yours sincerely.

Heather H Learning & Development Advisor

FYFE Earth Partners


I had an awesome day at the course and came away feeling great – it was a fantastic team builder.  The main aspect I personally got out of the day was the realism of goal setting and an area I can improve on and the fact that there is no right or wrong in time managing my life as long as I’m comfortable with my routine / arranging and NOT to feel guilty about setting time for me.

Keep up the great work!!!!!

 Jo O, Westpac


feature-what-people-say01Thanks for the course , feedback has been first rate and they all enjoyed the day.


 Steve T- Regional Manager – Advice

Westpac, City and Northern Region, Brisbane


It was a real pleasure to meet with you and take us through your workshop.  It has enabled me to be more decisive and assess where the is in-balance in my life and make changes to feel more in control.  You kept the group light hearted and it was a lot of fun.

Thanks again for all your efforts.


Jennifer P –  Westpac

Thank you for the course. I had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot on the day it was quite interesting as we are mostly mums that work and finding that work life balance is a bit aspect of our everyday life. I have already used the New Years resolution we spoke about for the takeaway on my 8yr old son, he didn’t seem impressed by my thoughts. Again thank you and I have mentioned this day I participated in to my girlfriends many times.

Keep up the good work!

PAULA H – Brisbane

My time with Kris from inspired2grow has aided in my professional development. Thanks to her, I am more confident about my qualifications and how to phrase responses to questions about myself (both professional and personal) on paper or verbally.

I would recommend her services to anyone interested in improving their personal presentation, interview performance, resume or personal confidence. Thanks Kris!

Jacob B – Reynella, South Australia



what people sayThe day I attended your workshop …….  I found it very worthwhile.   It is always good to take time out to reflect and re-evaluate where we are at,  what we do and what our priorities and balance in life should be.   Your program was excellent in the approach, content and activities and I really enjoyed the way THE MATERIAL WAS presented;  very real, fresh and engaging.

Thank you

Kaye T, Westpac – Gold Coast & Brisbane South East Qld Region


The content of the course was very informative and I found it be very helpful as it allowed me to focus on what I enjoy and facilitate my personal growth. I enjoyed immensely listening to the speaker, she was animated and passionate about her course which was contagious!

I completed the course with a new feeling of passion for life!”
Corinne – Killarney Heights, Sydney


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the workshop we had for me I had never sat down and given myself time to think about my work life balance and to be shown the skills to learn how to do this was fantastic.  Everything that we discussed made sense but for some reason I hadn’t ever sat down and really evaluated what I value most v how much time I spend on these things.

I now know when I get that feeling that things are a little out of control I can sit down and re-work my work life balance – that’s priceless!!

It was also really great to spend time with “like” people and realise the things  I struggle with and how I feel at times is exactly the same as how others feel – so I’m not failing, I’m normal!!!!

Thank you for such an empowering day!!

Lisa C  – Westpac, Brisbane.

Kris and I connected at a challenging and confusing time in my life. During our (telephone) coaching sessions she genuinely listened and tried to understand me and my situation whilst coaching and guiding me through personal observations and thoughts.

Her coaching methods were professional and sincere, and our sessions helped to give me clarity and direction to my situation.
I would highly recommend Kris’ services and skills to anyone, and I look forward to utilising her talents again in the near future.

Rebecca G Gosford, New South Wales


Kris from insipred2grow has the ability to inspire confidence and ambition in everyone she meets. Her natural talent and passion for helping people has aided in identifying my life goals and given me the tools to gain more confidence in myself. Meeting Kris has changed my life

Michelle K – Norwood, South Australia


I feel more confident in being able to “aim for the top” and to do something with my life”

Dianne P – Castle Hill, Sydney


I feel that my goals are now achievable and that nothing is impossible. Thanks inspired2grow!
Alyssa R – Cammeray, Sydney


I enjoyed the time I spent with Kris from inspired2grow, it was definitely worthwhile. Learning to be more self-aware has helped me to become more confident in my day-to-day interactions with others.
Shayne T – Paradise, South Australia


I feel a sense of assurance and excitement to what my future will hold for me.
Chantel F – Sydney


inspired2grow has helped me find out what I want to do with my life. They taught me more about what I can do with the gifts and ideas I have. For that… I am grateful to the ends of the earth…

Shaun B – Norwood, South Australia


inspired2grow has helped me to understand what I am really passionate about. While doing this…they helped plan my career pathway and set myself realistic goals for the future.
Jason C – Magill, South Australia


Kris’s has spent 20 years in building some of Australia’s leading corporate and volunteer organisations. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, but tempers that with her great depth of compassion.  A true test of any successful person is the long term friends that they are able to keep and Kris has plenty.  She is a great communicator and will have you laughing and crying simultaneously.

Beth H, Baci Bridal, Sydney

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