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Do you need a personal or professional sounding board?

Sounding Board Services (SBS) are a fusion of coaching and consultancy, designed to give you access to strategy and insight outside of your everyday context. This service is designed to challenge you and add value to your decision making process. Kris interviews all potential sounding board clients and will accept new clients at her discretion. Call or message Kris to discuss your unique requirements.


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We offer SBS in two capacities – Executive SBS and Personal SBS.

1. Executive SBS – A pre-booked weekly or ‘as needed’ sounding board service for business professionals who want their thinking and decision making challenged by a strategic thinker, qualified coach and experienced business professional who is external to their everyday context.

The sounding board service offers Executives and Business Leaders, fresh perspective and insight; challenging their thinking on the everyday issues they bring to the session. This service functions like a coaching session but begins with a debrief component (‘whats on your mind this week?’) and then progresses to laser questioning to scrutinise motivations and decision making processes. The aim of this time is to create clarity for sound decision making, shed light on challenges and facilitate good business process.

SBS is all about external support for the Executive, in order to increase effectiveness in their everyday context. Internal and external alignment will assist in improving on the job performance and personal satisfaction.

One example of this service is an overworked franchise business owner who engaged Kris’s services in this capacity. After the first one hour session, this business owner was able to re-allocate 30 hours per week  to more strategic functions.

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2.  Personal Sounding Board Service – An ‘as needed’  sounding board support service for individuals who need a fresh perspective invested into their current issue or situation. Kris will work with individuals to challenge their ideas, options and choices. Laser questions provide insights and re-frame opportunities. The sounding board service time is is aimed at empowering and supporting people to make better or best choices.

Sounding Board Services are conducted over the phone, via the internet or in person depending on your requirements.

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