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Are you looking for an advantage in your life and career?

Business Leaders who value career momentum and longevity must proactively look after their physical and emotional well-being.

Navigating the delicate balance between the demands of an influential career and a rewarding personal life takes ongoing evaluation and skill.

Inspired2grow has a network of professional and qualified coaches providing a range of coaching services to our clients.

dreamstime_xs_13718050We understand that Executive Clients often live, work or travel overseas and as such, delivery of Executive Coaching is flexible and can adapt to your unique situation, objectives and time zone.

Coaching Sessions can be conducted via phone/ internet, in a cafe’ outside of your workplace or in your place of business.

Session Cost – is influenced by the unique requirements of the Executive and the corresponding time investment of the Coach. All charges are agreed upon up front. If the Executive requires face to face coaching, their needs are factored into the cost structure.

As a guide, Coaching via telephone is available at $150 per hour plus gst.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What people resources do I need to reach my goals?

What support networks do I have in my life to successfully navigate major change?

Beyond my career, does the landscape of my life and relationships look the way I want it to?

What am I working toward? How clear are my goals and dreams in everyday life?

Life experience teaches us that the idea of being self-made is a myth; no body ‘makes it’ entirely on their own.

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