Speaking presentations cover a range of current ‘hot topics’ that are relevant to our professional and personal worlds. We present development strategies across a range of topics and contexts including businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

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We offer a range of one hour presentations that can be delivered in your place of business. “Short, sharp and relevant”, these presentations will add new ideas, skills and momentum to your team.

We can design and deliver presentations tailored to a specific business issue you may want to address. Costs are negotiable based on your needs, budget and location. Interstate and overseas travel and related costs are additional to speaking charges. All fees and charges are agreed upon up front.

Inspired Living Topic Examples:

  • Self Awareness – 7 key questions to ask and answer yourself.
  • Creating Your Work Life Balance.
  • How to Bounce Back – Building Resilience Skills.
  • Defining Your Personal Values – the first key to inner alignment.
  • How to Develop An Empowered & Positive Attitude.
  • Increasing Your Personal Confidence.
  • Activating Your Personal Creativity.

Inspired Business Topic Examples:

  • Sharpening Your Personal Presentation Skills.
  • Building Functioning Teams – 5 things you MUST know about your team members..
  • Navigating The Personal Cost of Leadership & Management…the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Managing Change – preparing the team for change.
  • Increasing Your Sphere Of Influence.
  • Leading by Listening – how to develop your listening skills.
  • 4 Keys to Clear and Effective Communication.
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CALL NOW: Kris Thornton Email: info@inspired2grow.com Mon–Fri 9am – 5pm Sydney, Australia AEST inspired2grow PO Box 3038 BLAXLAND EAST NSW 2774

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