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Inspired2grow began in 2008 with an idea.

An extract from a 2013 interview with Kris Thornton, co-founding Director of inspired2grow.

Kris-Thornton‘One phone call can change your life…

I remember sitting at home on a cold autumn morning. My thoughts were filled with dangerous questions –

What am I doing with my life? Am I doing what I was put on the planet for? Where do I want to be in 5 year’s time?

I had worked in Business and Finance Management for years, and complemented those skills with years of volunteer work and management influence in not-for-profit organisations. I had been speaking, consulting and coaching for many years to invest in causes I was passionate about. My current professional role had me shuffling paper albeit at a senior level…people interaction was minimal…I was dying.

Years of experience with people and business had taught me that my passion and skill set was best expressed anytime I was providing insight, strategy and tools for the growth of individuals and businesses. Paper shuffling was strangling me.

Dissatisfied with my answers to my questions… I randomly scrolled through my iPhone address book and the roulette wheel came to rest on the name of my long-time friend Louise Rowe. So I hit the call button.

How could I have known that she had been asking herself the same set of questions?

There was an instant synergy between us and we began to develop business plans.  Louise had many years of experience in the ‘high end’ commercial real estate business  and had been delivering development courses to a broad audience for many years. She wanted the change we were both desperate for.

We created a business structure to facilitate what we were both passionate about.  And so the adventure began…

We began to brainstorm ideas around an organisation that equipped individuals and businesses with skills and tools for growth.  We planned, we laughed, we wrote, we designed, we drank coffee, we networked, we burned the candle at both ends.

In 2009 we delivered our first inspired2grow course in Mosman, Sydney, followed soon after by a Coaching and Development program in South Australia. The rest is history and we are still writing the future…but I can tell you that I love waking up in the morning.’

Looking Ahead.

Kris has taken the business to the next level of growth and partners with a diverse range of professionals to meet the needs of our client base. As Managing Director, she values business relationships and works with clients to equip and support them in achieving their outcomes, be it on a personal or professional level.

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CALL NOW: Kris Thornton Email: info@inspired2grow.com Mon–Fri 9am – 5pm Sydney, Australia AEST inspired2grow PO Box 3038 BLAXLAND EAST NSW 2774

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